#KPMGjOSH is more than just a hashtag – It is a declaration of what we are capable of, driven by the inner fire to win, to make a difference.

At KPMG in India, we believe in the power of the extraordinary. So, we asked ourselves, “What do we represent? What really elevates us above the rest?” and all we could hear and see were stories in action of relentless passion, enthusiasm and energy of our people, in spite of their day-to-day hardships.

Whether it is transformational engagements, excellent client deliveries or bringing happiness to our people, we stand out every day because of #KPMGjOSH and that is what best defines us!

Unleashing the power of #KPMGjOSH

#KPMGjOSH is more than just a hashtag – It is a declaration of what we are capable of, driven by the inner fire to win, to make a difference. It is a statement that establishes the firm as the #ClearChoice for businesses and professionals who want to succeed. It is an affirmation to be allies in growth for our clients, communities and our people by rigorously harnessing our inherent values, energised by trust, teamwork and togetherness.

#KPMGjOSH rose from our tireless belief that Drive trumps Expertise when it comes to distinguishing ourselves from the rest. Our love for challenges not only keeps us brimming with #Josh but also helps us recalibrate, rebuild and grow through perpetual self-awareness and collaboration.

When transformation beckons, we listen

As a firm, we look at the future with great intrigue, excitement and confidence. Here, at KPMG in India, we transform uncertainties into opportunities, and bring the magic of #Josh to life, every day!

With #KPMGjOSH and our Values at the centre of everything we do, we are committed to being the trailblazers of tomorrow, proud architects of the future and a force to reckon with.

KPMG Story

Leetha Prajesh
Director - People and Culture Recruitment and Compensation & Benefits Amadeus Software Labs, India

When I think of my time at the firm, I see a starry-eyed HR professional with a fire in her belly to soak in all experiences and build a career in the field. After spending five years in recruitment in consulting, I was looking for a break in Corporate HR, now known as ‘generalist’ or ‘business partnering’ roles. In my capacity as Senior Executive in HR, I gained rich experience in recruitment for Southern India, played various roles with the process and policies team, HR business partnering for the Tax function and finally took over as India head of Compensation and Talent Management – an area I never imagined to lead had it not been for the firm.

When everything falls into place
My six-year stint with the firm has been most essential in piecing together my career. It was full of excitement, energy and passion. Each person I met had so much value and experience to offer. Soon I transformed – in my actions, my thoughts and ways of dealing with people. Every day being at work meant wondering what’s in store, whether it was finding innovative ways to hire CAs, resolving employee issues, analysing data or working on a policy. With each passing performance review, I saw myself knowing and being more. Looking at all that I managed today, I don’t think any formal training would have prepared me. It was the hands-on experience that helped me recognise and appreciate members of my team, what they feel, why they react and what we could do to create a better experience for them.

Leading with confidence
When the global recession struck, in 2009 organisations across industries were rapidly seeing adverse effects of an economic slowdown. Interestingly, it was also the year I was asked to head Compensation and Talent Management for the firm and KGS. While I was elated, I faced the daunting task of taking over the role from someone who had been managing it for over a decade. Although I believed I had the skills, I had no clue where to start or how to make the most of the opportunity. All I knew was I had to make it happen.

Each time I would rely on tried and tested methods, I would hear, “If we had to do it the same way, where are we adding value?” I soon realised that moving away from the conventional and leaning towards disruption is good for the long-term and is something we must continuously strive for. I built my risk appetite and understood that introducing change was not easy, especially for someone with much lesser experience than preceding leaders. With gradual changes, we kept improvising. Looking back, I owe a lot to my manager who instilled in me the belief that you are never too young, too junior, too inexperienced to be the change you want to see.

It’s the people…
One of the biggest strengths of the firm is its people. I was one of the first six members of the HR team in Bengaluru when I joined. By the time I left, there were so many team members (most of whom I had hired) that the magnanimity of what we had built together was overwhelming. I still remember looking around that room on my last day and thinking, do I really need to let this go, do I really need to leave? The relationships, friends for life, mentors and guides helped me shape who I am. They continue to be a vital part of my career and I still reach out to them often for advice, suggestions and perspectives. I remember a team that came together not just to celebrate success, but also to learn from failures and have each other’s backs, irrespective of hierarchies.

Today, as the Director of People and Culture at Amadeus Software Labs, I lead Compensation and Benefits, Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, and continue to build on my learnings from the firm. To others seeking growth in their personal and professional lives, I would say, “Have the wisdom to make the right choices, the will to make a difference and build on the wealth of opportunities you gain. Most importantly, be open, honest and have the courage to be who you are!”

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